Ginny Hicks, LMT PTA

City Square Wellness Center and Knead it or Knot Therapeutic Massage, LLC , Elkhorn WI USA

Susan has been a great influence on my career and personal growth. Her business knowledge and experience coupled with her positive attitude has been a great resource for me. She has a great way of listening to what the current challenge is and processing it effectively to offer solutions that are dynamic and produce results! Sometimes the answer is something that needs to be tackled in stages due to the complexity, sometimes it is something simple that leads to a transformative “Ah-ha Moment!!” Having her as a mentor is something of which I am truly grateful.


Linda Pautz, WI USA

A number of people that have supported me in my life, my parents being the first, but when I met Susan, something clicked. There was a calm; a softness, a caring that can’t be explained. Our meetings were ones where I felt comfortable to let go. She guided me to develop my thoughts. They were my ideas but steered by a calm I hadn’t been able find on my own. I am forever grateful to Susan for guiding me through it. She is professional, kind and helpful in her direction.

My life is forever changed. Thank you,

Dan Kumprey, Portland, OR USA

"Susan, my mom and dad just had their first yoga class with you (my dad's first in his lifetime and he's 81.) I'm in Portland, OR, and just received a text from my mom saying "Call me, yoga class was an unbelievable shock." The shock was that my dad (a regular ol' Walter Mathau from Grumpy Old Men) actually enjoyed it! I thought he might... it would just take a teacher who was engaging and good with people. So, thanks! I'm glad my mom convinced dad not to wear jeans first class : ))"